Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Shop leather vests-fall 2013

Men's leather vests are gaining rapid popularity among the teenagers and passionate bikers. Leather vests are very unique products and leather helps in enhancing their beauty. These vests are used by men for styling as they give a real boost to the personality. Vests also help men to express their strength and power. Thus most body builders like to wear the leather vests. 

The leather vests are also very famous among motorcyclist because these possess lining that provides real comfort during ride. Most bikers like to wear it to make a strong statement and define their personality in the best ways possible.

Now leather vests are not only adopted for styling by men but women's leather vests are also in high demand. Women love to wear the vests on top of dress shirts and look truly fabulous.

EN leather provides latest ranges of leather vests to cater to your growing needs and help you style in a fabulous manner. Shop online today from UK's most trusted leather house with very reasonable prices.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Why buy racing leather shoes?

Being a motorcyclist, you might have wondered about purchasing strong genuine leather boots while riding. The importance of racing leather shoes can not be overlooked and every biker must own a very durable pair of shoes for motorcycling purposes.

Following are certain benefits of genuine racing leather shoes:

  1. The shoes offer armored protection.
  2. The leather shoes help you gripping the motorbike foot handles strongly.
  3. The motorcycle leather shoes provide protection against strong wind. 
  4. The biker leather shoes help the motorcyclist drive in a safe manner.
  5. These shoes help the bikers make a very strong impression and statement.

EN Leather offers very durable pair of sports leather shoes to make you drive safely. The store offers discounts and help the customer purchase the best items without any concerns whatsoever.

So buy a pair today for best drive.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sports leather trousers

Those who want to look different and best, sports leather trousers are made for them particularly. You can purchase the leather pants easily ranging from $80 -$160. The leather trousers for males are comparatively cheaper than those of the females.These look best with sports leather jackets and are easily available from online leather houses.

The racing leather trousers come in multiple pockets located both on the front and the back sides. There are also other accessories including belt loops, waist bands etc.The leather trousers last longer if taken care of in an appropriate manner. They usually last more than two years.

Yamaha, Suzuki leather trousers are quite in demand nowadays and bikers are looking for genuine pieces in order to make a powerful impression. The designs and colors vary at each leather house but mostly blue and green colors are used.

EN Leather offers latest leather apparel for motorcyclists to help them enjoy and protect themselves in the best manner. Visit the leather house now for best shopping experience.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Women leather vest- cool option

Ladies leather vests look awesome and are a great way to add a little spice and vigor to your personality. The leather houses offer different styles and varieties of vests and you must choose the ones that are according to your taste and can look best on you.

For fine elegant looks, you can go for a suede leather vest. If you like studs and lavish styled vest, then you must go for heavily accessorized vest. For best riding experience, biker leather vests are the best options.

Here are few styles of women leather vests that you would love to have in your wardrobe this winter:

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Types of tanning process for the production of leather apparel

Tanning process and treatment has an ultimate effect on the pricing and quality of leather apparel.

Napa: It is a complex tanning process and helps producing very fine grade leather material with perfect finishing.

Aniline: It is process that involves chemical treatment of buffalo, sheep hide in order to acquire the desired color without any compromises whatsoever on the natural texture, tones and shading. The resulted colors are best for the brown leather jackets. 

Nubuck: It is a special hide treatment that extends very high quality finishing very similar to suede. The leather with nubuck treatment get water marks easily and must be treated with care.

Suede: In order to achieve a rubber and matt texture, the opposite side of the hide is used. This treatment is believed to take away the natural durability of the leather.The suede products are very expensive and seude is mostly used in the production of leather blazers.
Split: In this treatment, low cost production is possible. Through clever methods the hide layer is cut and thin layered slices are formed.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Racing Leather Shoes for a perfect ride

Sports leather shoes is a must requirement for every rider. These offer best protection and make the biker feel at ease. Once you decide to purchase the biker leather shoes, make sure that you choose a genuine leather house for this purpose. The professional leather stores offer very light weight motorbike boots with high tech microfiber that make the shaping of the use perfect one. The give the biker a perfect riding experience and gives the best grip on the handles.

The colors of the biker boots vary and you can make a good choice by matching the colors of your motorcycle leather suit with those of the leather shoes. This will make your choice very easy and give you an edge in making a powerful fashion statement. The best biker boots offer great calf and ankle protection through dual modes and help in insulation. Thus you can walk around easily and can drive freely without any fear of accident. 

EN Leather is the best Leather house delivering customized leather products and is adding great value in the life of motor bikers. This is really an awesome store for shopping sports leather shoes to help bikers in making a strong fashion statement.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Home made rug buying guide

Carpet or a rug is best choice for adding comfort to your home. The home made rugs and carpets are very elegant, provide insulation from cold and also add colors to any room to make it vibrant. The choice of a carpet depends on the material and style and the decision to make a right choice becomes tough most of the times. This quick terns guide can help you in getting informed so that you can have some idea about various elements of each carpet while purchase.

·  Capet fiber: Rug is a material that is made from weaving fibers. Fibers are spun to get create yarn and then these are woven together.

·    Pile: It is the height of the fiber.

·    Density: It is the measure of the packing of fiber strands from each other. Higher density is a measure of strong rug and carpet.

·    Weight of the carpet: Ounces per square yard is the measurement. Face weight is referred to the fiber amount on the carpet surface while complete weight involves the latex and backing. Good quality means good face weight. Whenever you compare two carpets ensure that you compare these based on similar type of materials. For example nylon must be compared with nylon. It must not be compared with polyester.
·  Texture: The fiber looping style and the twists reflect the texture. The look and feel of the home made carpet is reflected with this and also has a vital role in durability of the rug.