Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Leather Coats

Different kinds and materials of coats have been there in the market since a very long time but over a century ago the leather coats were introduced for the first which were highly appreciated and liked by the people and therefore gained popularity very early, however, these were not easily available in the markets than but in the 1950’s it was easily accessible in the local shops as they were made available by then. In the very beginning these jackets were only worn by military men or by the aviators and these were made from the skins of sheep which were very much useful in providing the extra warmth that they needed, some of the most exciting features of these coats included that these were long lasting, these were water proof as well and most importantly these were having much more light weight than the other jackets of that time. The reason that why only fewer people used to wear leather coats was its affordability, in those days these coats were not cheap because of the incurring cost in its manufacturing and therefore only fewer people could afford it and manage to wear it. However, with the passage of time the entire industry has developed and progressed a lot as compared to that of the older days.

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