Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Shop leather vests-fall 2013

Men's leather vests are gaining rapid popularity among the teenagers and passionate bikers. Leather vests are very unique products and leather helps in enhancing their beauty. These vests are used by men for styling as they give a real boost to the personality. Vests also help men to express their strength and power. Thus most body builders like to wear the leather vests. 

The leather vests are also very famous among motorcyclist because these possess lining that provides real comfort during ride. Most bikers like to wear it to make a strong statement and define their personality in the best ways possible.

Now leather vests are not only adopted for styling by men but women's leather vests are also in high demand. Women love to wear the vests on top of dress shirts and look truly fabulous.

EN leather provides latest ranges of leather vests to cater to your growing needs and help you style in a fabulous manner. Shop online today from UK's most trusted leather house with very reasonable prices.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Why buy racing leather shoes?

Being a motorcyclist, you might have wondered about purchasing strong genuine leather boots while riding. The importance of racing leather shoes can not be overlooked and every biker must own a very durable pair of shoes for motorcycling purposes.

Following are certain benefits of genuine racing leather shoes:

  1. The shoes offer armored protection.
  2. The leather shoes help you gripping the motorbike foot handles strongly.
  3. The motorcycle leather shoes provide protection against strong wind. 
  4. The biker leather shoes help the motorcyclist drive in a safe manner.
  5. These shoes help the bikers make a very strong impression and statement.

EN Leather offers very durable pair of sports leather shoes to make you drive safely. The store offers discounts and help the customer purchase the best items without any concerns whatsoever.

So buy a pair today for best drive.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sports leather trousers

Those who want to look different and best, sports leather trousers are made for them particularly. You can purchase the leather pants easily ranging from $80 -$160. The leather trousers for males are comparatively cheaper than those of the females.These look best with sports leather jackets and are easily available from online leather houses.

The racing leather trousers come in multiple pockets located both on the front and the back sides. There are also other accessories including belt loops, waist bands etc.The leather trousers last longer if taken care of in an appropriate manner. They usually last more than two years.

Yamaha, Suzuki leather trousers are quite in demand nowadays and bikers are looking for genuine pieces in order to make a powerful impression. The designs and colors vary at each leather house but mostly blue and green colors are used.

EN Leather offers latest leather apparel for motorcyclists to help them enjoy and protect themselves in the best manner. Visit the leather house now for best shopping experience.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Women leather vest- cool option

Ladies leather vests look awesome and are a great way to add a little spice and vigor to your personality. The leather houses offer different styles and varieties of vests and you must choose the ones that are according to your taste and can look best on you.

For fine elegant looks, you can go for a suede leather vest. If you like studs and lavish styled vest, then you must go for heavily accessorized vest. For best riding experience, biker leather vests are the best options.

Here are few styles of women leather vests that you would love to have in your wardrobe this winter:

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Types of tanning process for the production of leather apparel

Tanning process and treatment has an ultimate effect on the pricing and quality of leather apparel.

Napa: It is a complex tanning process and helps producing very fine grade leather material with perfect finishing.

Aniline: It is process that involves chemical treatment of buffalo, sheep hide in order to acquire the desired color without any compromises whatsoever on the natural texture, tones and shading. The resulted colors are best for the brown leather jackets. 

Nubuck: It is a special hide treatment that extends very high quality finishing very similar to suede. The leather with nubuck treatment get water marks easily and must be treated with care.

Suede: In order to achieve a rubber and matt texture, the opposite side of the hide is used. This treatment is believed to take away the natural durability of the leather.The suede products are very expensive and seude is mostly used in the production of leather blazers.
Split: In this treatment, low cost production is possible. Through clever methods the hide layer is cut and thin layered slices are formed.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Racing Leather Shoes for a perfect ride

Sports leather shoes is a must requirement for every rider. These offer best protection and make the biker feel at ease. Once you decide to purchase the biker leather shoes, make sure that you choose a genuine leather house for this purpose. The professional leather stores offer very light weight motorbike boots with high tech microfiber that make the shaping of the use perfect one. The give the biker a perfect riding experience and gives the best grip on the handles.

The colors of the biker boots vary and you can make a good choice by matching the colors of your motorcycle leather suit with those of the leather shoes. This will make your choice very easy and give you an edge in making a powerful fashion statement. The best biker boots offer great calf and ankle protection through dual modes and help in insulation. Thus you can walk around easily and can drive freely without any fear of accident. 

EN Leather is the best Leather house delivering customized leather products and is adding great value in the life of motor bikers. This is really an awesome store for shopping sports leather shoes to help bikers in making a strong fashion statement.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Home made rug buying guide

Carpet or a rug is best choice for adding comfort to your home. The home made rugs and carpets are very elegant, provide insulation from cold and also add colors to any room to make it vibrant. The choice of a carpet depends on the material and style and the decision to make a right choice becomes tough most of the times. This quick terns guide can help you in getting informed so that you can have some idea about various elements of each carpet while purchase.

·  Capet fiber: Rug is a material that is made from weaving fibers. Fibers are spun to get create yarn and then these are woven together.

·    Pile: It is the height of the fiber.

·    Density: It is the measure of the packing of fiber strands from each other. Higher density is a measure of strong rug and carpet.

·    Weight of the carpet: Ounces per square yard is the measurement. Face weight is referred to the fiber amount on the carpet surface while complete weight involves the latex and backing. Good quality means good face weight. Whenever you compare two carpets ensure that you compare these based on similar type of materials. For example nylon must be compared with nylon. It must not be compared with polyester.
·  Texture: The fiber looping style and the twists reflect the texture. The look and feel of the home made carpet is reflected with this and also has a vital role in durability of the rug.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

How to vacuum your home made rug?

Home made rugs need to be cleaned with care. The rugs look awesome and enhance the beauty of your homes in an extravagant manner. When you use the vacuum cleaner to clean the rugs, make sure that you move it slower backwards and move it faster in the forward direction. The reason behind this is that most vacuum cleaners are designed to clean very appropriately when these are moving towards you on the back stroke.

Move the vacuum cleaner in the forward direction for about 4-7 ft and then move slowly to original starting point.

Now make a second path parallel to the first path and angle the vacuum few inches to the right.

Similarly clean the rug and reach the wall. Then move backwards 4-7 ft and reach the original beginning point.

Always try to create paths and stand on the uncleaned portion so that you can avoid foot prints on the cleaned portion.
Move in such a way that you complete the process in a disciplined way.
If the rug is very dirty then repeat the complete process working at a 90 degree angle. If you have worked from eastwards to westwards, you must work northwards to southwards now.

Tip: Always do slow vacuuming if the rug is very dirty for best cleaning results.

You can purchase the latest varieties of home made rugs, kilims and carpet from etsy shop. Enjoy best discount offers at the store.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Buy best motorbike leather gloves at EN Leather

Motorcycle leather gloves are an absolute necessity for any motorcyclist having passion to drive well.The sports gloves offer armored protection against any kind of friction and make you feel really comfortable.The online leather houses offer different kind of leather gloves with varying styles to make you choose the best out of the varying styles.

Here are few classy leather gloves available at EN Leather, the best leather house in town.

Following are the main features of the biker gloves:

  • Made from 100% genuine leather.
  • Fully Padded for best insulation.
  • Available in variety of colors.
  • For complete safety and best grip ability
  • Specially designed for riders.

While purchasing racing leather gloves from an online store, you have to be careful about the 

following factors:
  • Review the size chart carefully before your size selection.
  • There may be differences in the original products and the images available on the online stores.
  • Accessories may be different as compared to website images.
  • Few online stores offer changes in designs, colors, leather types as per the demand of the consumer. You need to inquire about this before purchasing the product. 

Black motorcycle leather gloves

 Grey motorcycle leather gloves

Red motorcycle leather gloves

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Add charisma to your personality with leather garments

Leather jackets assist you in getting the best looks for any occasion or party you have planned to attend. Leather garments are excellent outfits that are suitable for every age group and gender.  Leather clothing looks classy and every gender desires to own it. Various styles of leather clothing are available in the market and these offer several advantages.

Best Leather jackets are the most stylish leather clothing of all times. These look splendid and a perfect outfit that every man and woman desires to have in the wardrobe. You can wear the leather jackets for formal as well as informal events to style uniquely. Leather jackets are easily available from online leather houses with discount offerings.

A leather jacket needs to be worn so many times so you need to buy genuine leather item to enjoy true comfort. The jackets designed for men are tough while the feminine styled leather jackets are having feminine looks. If you are looking to enjoy any festive occasion and want to buy a genuine leather jacket, choose EN Leather. The leather house offers exciting designs of leather jackets and leather blazers to make you look fabulous and adorable. Give a new look to your personality by wearing a stylish leather jacket.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Make an impression with men's fashion jackets

Men's leather jackets 

Men love to enjoy a personal freedom and masculinity at the same time by wearing a durable and stylish leather fashion jackets. Leather jackets for men look awesome and have interesting design elements that help enhance the personality of men in a unique manner. These fashion jackets are suitable for a variety of functions and offer true comfort with linings of linen for best protection against weather.
If you are going to purchase a men's fashion jacket, make sure:
  1. The leather jacket is made of original leather
  2. You have chosen a genuine leather store for purchasing the leather jacket.
  3. Choose cow hide or lamb skin as priority.
  4. Consider your friend suggestions before confirming the purchase.
  5. The store offers easy return and shipment policies.
  6. The leather store offers the best customer support by answering all the relevant queries.
  7. Make sure that you inquire about the advisable cleaning methods.
  8. Purchase necessary sprays and conditioner along with the fashion jacket by selecting the best brands.

Monday, 12 August 2013

History of leather

There is a strong relationship between leather and human civilizations. This relationship began with a need for protection and warmth for survival. In the beginning the humans lived in caves and faced various problems during harsh weather conditions. During negative temperatures, it was not possible to continue the daily activities due to freezing temperatures. They had to find some solution for protection and safety to make the life alive again. They found out that animal skin can be a great solution for this need and they started using animal skins to cover their bodies. Leather was also used for hand made weapons.

With passing years, people began using leather for styling purposes. This trend was initiated by the Egyptians as the leather gloves, saddle seats and weapons were made from leather. Another interesting use of leather was for water storage purposes. The Greeks and Romans used leather for industrial purposes as a raw material. Romanians used leather for footwear and for the manufacture of military harnesses as well as shields.

In the beginning of the 14th century to make wood and arm chairs. In the 17th century, leather was used for book binding , hand bags , chests and cases.

In the 20th century the boom of the leather industry began specially in the clothing sector. The leather jackets and leather coats were introduced in the market and became an iconic symbol. Marlon Brando’s movie, the wild one became quite famous among the European and American youth. This is where the motorcycle leather jackets became quite famous.  During the 1940’s the bomber jackets were introduced for the aviation pilots which were later introduced in fashion. In 1957, Jimmy Stewart used bomber jacket in his movie named as Passage.

Now the markets are bombarded with stylish leather jackets for men and women. Each season designers come up with stylish designs of leather jackets to flourish the leather industry in an amazing way.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Buy sophisticated laptop leather handbags

The leather made laptop bags are owned by every laptop user due to the fact that these bags offer invaluable convenience to the users. The laptop bag can be easily carried and you can place all the required accessories in the bag. It is just like a briefcase that gives you satisfaction that your laptop is safe away from home.

A fine laptop leather bag surely requires solid financial investment. Before the purchase of any leather bag, you must do research in order to find an ideal solution of your requirements. Your preferences, budgetary requirements, space needs all matter a lot in your attempt to buy to a perfect laptop leather bag. 

The most important use of a laptop bag is to carry your laptop and you must keep the method of carriage as a top priority while buying the laptop leather bag. This will not only provide you ease in years to come but also make your purchase decision quite easy. Whenever you are buying any leather accessory, ensure that you choose a genuine house of leather.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Verstality of women's leather jackets

Versatility and competitiveness of women's leather jacket has no comparisons with any other type of clothing. It is one of the most popular leather product and considered as a king of all types of jackets. Women just cant afford to live without a leather jacket or leather blazer due to the extra comfort and ease of the apparel.

In today's market place, you will find so many retailers dealing in wholesale leather blazers for women, cheap leather jackets, stylish leather jackets and much more. If you want to buy a genuine ladies leather jacket, then you must be very careful with its purchase.Keep asking yourself a variety of questions:
Does it suit my style?
What type of leather it is made of?
Is it made of genuine leather or any ordinary type of leather?
Does the design and features match my requirements?

You can be fully satisfied with the purchase if you get the answers of these questions before buying a women's leather jacket.Visit a genuine and specified retailer to view the products. Trench coat styles, plus size jackets and classic zip up jackets are in demand and look amazingly beautiful.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Tips for choosing men's leather coats

Buying an ideal men's leather coat in winter is really tough for many but still it is an irresistible leather apparel. The leather coat for men with rich colors and texture reflects an excellent taste of the buyer and enhances the appeal of any man's personality. The leather coats look very sexy and appealing with a real quality of power and vigor.

Here are some useful tips on buying an genuine classic leather coat:
  1. It is always preferred to pick a classic styled coat that is having a great quality and rich texture.
  2. Black color is an excellent choice for buying a leather coat.
  3. A coat of long size has great versatility and a person with less height would look longer wearing a long leather coat for men.
  4. Seam of the leather coat should be considered while buying a leather coat. These should be tough for durability.
  5. The fabric used underneath the coat for lining should be of good quality to sustain the wear and tear.
  6. Large pocket sizes are preferred when buying leather coats for men.
  7. It is advisable to try the coat before purchase so that you can check the size of the coat.
  8. Make sure that you select a genuine leather house for purchasing the coat.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

How to care for your leather hand bag?

Leather hand bags can easily get worn out and dirty if you use them frequently. A fine and genuine leather hand bag requires solid investment so you are always conscious to take the best care of your leather bag. Not much time is required to take care of your bag and get the best in return. Maintain the look and feel of your leather bag through the following easy steps:

Cleanliness of leather hand bags:
1.       Clean the exterior of your shoulder leather bag using soft cloth dipped in warm soap water. Do this once a week to clean your bag from any sort of dirt that may be caused due to hair sprays or pollution. Leave it for drying to revive its shine and looks.

2.       The interior portion of the leather hand bag also gets dirty very easily. Use a lint brush to clean the inner lining for dirt collection. If there are heavy stains then you can consider washing the lining.

3.       Sometimes you can get very heavy stains on the leather hand bag like ink stains, grease stains etc. You can clean them using cotton dipped in alcohol until the stains disappear.
4.       Recondition your leather bag using quality conditioners at least twice in a year to get best results.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Get used to with your pair of racing leather shoes

It is never easy to purchase a brand new pair of racing leather shoes. It is very important for a racing shoe to fit your size in an exact way. If there are problems in size of a sports leather shoe then there are chances that you will experience extreme discomfort while racing. This can hurt your performance and you will feel really bad. As an extreme case you might face an injury while racing. Great sports players pay great attention on purchasing a branded sports leather shoe for playing. Thus it is very important to buy a fine leather shoe for sports purposes.

Always wear your newly bought pair of leather shoes casually in order to get acquainted with the shoes. You will feel very comfortable in this way.

After some time start wearing your sports shoes during running practice. Start practicing and you will witness that you are feeling very good.

During this phase keep on assessing if you are feeling any discomfort while wearing the leather shoes. If you feel awkwardness then try to identify the place that is causing the problem and remove it accordingly.

You can purchase your running shoes from variety of leather shoe outlets. It is good to give a proper try to the shoes before practice.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Types of leather jackets for men

When it comes to finding the right coat or jacket, you will find that there are literally thousands of styles and options. For men, this can be a painstaking and daunting search but it can be narrowed down by taking a few things into consideration. There are many different types of leather jackets for men, but there are a few classic standouts that you might want to seek first. This is especially true when you are seeking options on the web.  Whether you want something casual or more formal, there are many brands, sizes, cuts, and more that will fascinate you. Consider the following types when searching for your next leather option.

Slightly Formal – There are certain leather jackets for men that will not necessarily be part of a suit and tie, but it will definitely be formal. These are cut with very little flare and have one side of buttons instead of a zipper. While there are some zippered options, many do not have that. The collar will be distinct, and the cuffs will be distinct as well.

Motorcycle Style – That classic rebellious touch of motorcycle jackets are still very popular amongst men. They offer a little taste of that biker image without going too overboard. These are also seen as vintage items that harken back to an older time when riding a hog through the highways was something that would establish a great deal of attention. This cut is wider, has zippers in multiple areas, and when well broken in can really stand out as a casual and leisure option. Look for this option to be a rock stars favorite friend.

Trench Coat – It’s not just the classic undertaker look that people like about this, there is something business like about it. The serious look of the trench coat in full leather is among one of the most popular options for men. The length and closure vary but the distinct length and overall size is definitely something that most people will agree is worth investing money into.

No matter what type of leather jacket you want to get, make sure that you look at eh preceding options and beyond. Once you’ve narrowed down the option that you want, whether it’s for casual, business, or leisure use, you will want to order online. There is a wider selection on the web and you can get something delivered to your front door or office fast.

Remember to take your time selecting your options, and make sure that you look into proper care and maintenance of leather. You’ll be surprised with how you will need to care for it, as it is not something you can simply fold up or put into the laundry when it’s dirty. Take careful consideration into how to clean, care for, break in, and handle your jackets. This will help you keep things in good shape long after you’ve bought it and broken it in. Without proper attention to these details, you could end up cracking, breaking, or even tearing the leather and that’s not a good thing.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

How to take care of your motorcycle leather jacket?


If you have motorbike leather jacket then you must be conscious about its maintenance. Here are a few tips for taking care of your racing leather jacket:

Important Steps:
1)      Whenever you purchase the jacket, always find out the type of leather it is made of. The type of animal skin it has come from is not as significant as the type of leather that include pigmented, semi- aniline and aniline leather. This will affect how you will care of your biker leather jacket.
2)      Prior to wearing your biker leather jacket, treat your jacket with leather guards that are easily available from the market. The spray guard will help protect your jacket from stains of water and other materials.
3)      After taking off your jacket, clean the jacket with a damp cloth. Hang your jacket in a proper hanger that is well shaped.
4)      Leather is a stretchable material so you must hang it properly in order to maintain the shape of the leather.
5)      Most motorbike leather jackets are not water resistant. Therefore, it is important to hang it immediately in a room temperature. Keep the jacket away from any direct heating sources like radiators and airing cupboards etc.
6)      If you witness rain spots on your jacket, then remove them from dry cloth. Feeding the leather jacket with a leather conditioner if it is pigmented or aniline can really serve the purpose.