Thursday, 20 June 2013

How to care for a leather jacket?

Leather jacket is an expensive item and it requires sufficient amount of cash outflow at the time of purchase. A branded leather jacket can last longer if taken proper care of. All types of leather apparels need sufficient amount of care to prolong their life and use them years after years.The weather conditions, frequency of use, cosmetics all tend to make an effect on the appearance of leather jackets.

Following guide will help you in taking care of your leather jackets and leather coats:

Identify the type of leather:

Leather jackets are made from variety of leather types with a different finishing.While purchasing the leather jacket it is important to identify the leather type mentioned at the label or tag attached with the item. Aniline,Nappa, Seude and Nubuk are various types of leather finishing and each type has varying quality and looks. Every leather finishing has its own method to be taken care of and that is why it is important to know about the finishing of your leather jacket.

Application of leather protection agents:

To protect your leather jacket from the harmful effects of weather and stains, the application of leather protectors becomes a necessity. These leather protectors come in the form of spray bottles and can be applied as per directions to maintain the quality of your leather jacket.There are various conditioners available in the market that protect your jacket from the cracks caused by warm weather.

Proper storage of the leather jacket:

Keeping in view the sensitivity of the leather jackets, it must be stored in a cool and dry wardrobe. The use of a proper hanger for a jacket is also fairly important as this could destroy the looks of the jacket. You must use a proper storage bag in order to save the leather jacket from dust.

Cleaning the leather jacket:

Cleanliness of the the leather jacket is as important as its maintenance.The use of sponge and proper fine cloth is important while cleaning your leather jacket. Purchase a quality leather cleaner from the market to give your jacket a new life.

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