Thursday, 18 July 2013

How to care for your leather hand bag?

Leather hand bags can easily get worn out and dirty if you use them frequently. A fine and genuine leather hand bag requires solid investment so you are always conscious to take the best care of your leather bag. Not much time is required to take care of your bag and get the best in return. Maintain the look and feel of your leather bag through the following easy steps:

Cleanliness of leather hand bags:
1.       Clean the exterior of your shoulder leather bag using soft cloth dipped in warm soap water. Do this once a week to clean your bag from any sort of dirt that may be caused due to hair sprays or pollution. Leave it for drying to revive its shine and looks.

2.       The interior portion of the leather hand bag also gets dirty very easily. Use a lint brush to clean the inner lining for dirt collection. If there are heavy stains then you can consider washing the lining.

3.       Sometimes you can get very heavy stains on the leather hand bag like ink stains, grease stains etc. You can clean them using cotton dipped in alcohol until the stains disappear.
4.       Recondition your leather bag using quality conditioners at least twice in a year to get best results.