Thursday, 11 July 2013

How to take care of your motorcycle leather jacket?


If you have motorbike leather jacket then you must be conscious about its maintenance. Here are a few tips for taking care of your racing leather jacket:

Important Steps:
1)      Whenever you purchase the jacket, always find out the type of leather it is made of. The type of animal skin it has come from is not as significant as the type of leather that include pigmented, semi- aniline and aniline leather. This will affect how you will care of your biker leather jacket.
2)      Prior to wearing your biker leather jacket, treat your jacket with leather guards that are easily available from the market. The spray guard will help protect your jacket from stains of water and other materials.
3)      After taking off your jacket, clean the jacket with a damp cloth. Hang your jacket in a proper hanger that is well shaped.
4)      Leather is a stretchable material so you must hang it properly in order to maintain the shape of the leather.
5)      Most motorbike leather jackets are not water resistant. Therefore, it is important to hang it immediately in a room temperature. Keep the jacket away from any direct heating sources like radiators and airing cupboards etc.
6)      If you witness rain spots on your jacket, then remove them from dry cloth. Feeding the leather jacket with a leather conditioner if it is pigmented or aniline can really serve the purpose.

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