Monday, 12 August 2013

History of leather

There is a strong relationship between leather and human civilizations. This relationship began with a need for protection and warmth for survival. In the beginning the humans lived in caves and faced various problems during harsh weather conditions. During negative temperatures, it was not possible to continue the daily activities due to freezing temperatures. They had to find some solution for protection and safety to make the life alive again. They found out that animal skin can be a great solution for this need and they started using animal skins to cover their bodies. Leather was also used for hand made weapons.

With passing years, people began using leather for styling purposes. This trend was initiated by the Egyptians as the leather gloves, saddle seats and weapons were made from leather. Another interesting use of leather was for water storage purposes. The Greeks and Romans used leather for industrial purposes as a raw material. Romanians used leather for footwear and for the manufacture of military harnesses as well as shields.

In the beginning of the 14th century to make wood and arm chairs. In the 17th century, leather was used for book binding , hand bags , chests and cases.

In the 20th century the boom of the leather industry began specially in the clothing sector. The leather jackets and leather coats were introduced in the market and became an iconic symbol. Marlon Brando’s movie, the wild one became quite famous among the European and American youth. This is where the motorcycle leather jackets became quite famous.  During the 1940’s the bomber jackets were introduced for the aviation pilots which were later introduced in fashion. In 1957, Jimmy Stewart used bomber jacket in his movie named as Passage.

Now the markets are bombarded with stylish leather jackets for men and women. Each season designers come up with stylish designs of leather jackets to flourish the leather industry in an amazing way.

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