Monday, 19 August 2013

Home made rug buying guide

Carpet or a rug is best choice for adding comfort to your home. The home made rugs and carpets are very elegant, provide insulation from cold and also add colors to any room to make it vibrant. The choice of a carpet depends on the material and style and the decision to make a right choice becomes tough most of the times. This quick terns guide can help you in getting informed so that you can have some idea about various elements of each carpet while purchase.

·  Capet fiber: Rug is a material that is made from weaving fibers. Fibers are spun to get create yarn and then these are woven together.

·    Pile: It is the height of the fiber.

·    Density: It is the measure of the packing of fiber strands from each other. Higher density is a measure of strong rug and carpet.

·    Weight of the carpet: Ounces per square yard is the measurement. Face weight is referred to the fiber amount on the carpet surface while complete weight involves the latex and backing. Good quality means good face weight. Whenever you compare two carpets ensure that you compare these based on similar type of materials. For example nylon must be compared with nylon. It must not be compared with polyester.
·  Texture: The fiber looping style and the twists reflect the texture. The look and feel of the home made carpet is reflected with this and also has a vital role in durability of the rug.

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