Saturday, 17 August 2013

How to vacuum your home made rug?

Home made rugs need to be cleaned with care. The rugs look awesome and enhance the beauty of your homes in an extravagant manner. When you use the vacuum cleaner to clean the rugs, make sure that you move it slower backwards and move it faster in the forward direction. The reason behind this is that most vacuum cleaners are designed to clean very appropriately when these are moving towards you on the back stroke.

Move the vacuum cleaner in the forward direction for about 4-7 ft and then move slowly to original starting point.

Now make a second path parallel to the first path and angle the vacuum few inches to the right.

Similarly clean the rug and reach the wall. Then move backwards 4-7 ft and reach the original beginning point.

Always try to create paths and stand on the uncleaned portion so that you can avoid foot prints on the cleaned portion.
Move in such a way that you complete the process in a disciplined way.
If the rug is very dirty then repeat the complete process working at a 90 degree angle. If you have worked from eastwards to westwards, you must work northwards to southwards now.

Tip: Always do slow vacuuming if the rug is very dirty for best cleaning results.

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