Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Types of tanning process for the production of leather apparel

Tanning process and treatment has an ultimate effect on the pricing and quality of leather apparel.

Napa: It is a complex tanning process and helps producing very fine grade leather material with perfect finishing.

Aniline: It is process that involves chemical treatment of buffalo, sheep hide in order to acquire the desired color without any compromises whatsoever on the natural texture, tones and shading. The resulted colors are best for the brown leather jackets. 

Nubuck: It is a special hide treatment that extends very high quality finishing very similar to suede. The leather with nubuck treatment get water marks easily and must be treated with care.

Suede: In order to achieve a rubber and matt texture, the opposite side of the hide is used. This treatment is believed to take away the natural durability of the leather.The suede products are very expensive and seude is mostly used in the production of leather blazers.
Split: In this treatment, low cost production is possible. Through clever methods the hide layer is cut and thin layered slices are formed.

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